“When the shine of platinum turns to black, the time of Bahaal is upon us.” -Dark Prophecy of Bahaal

One thousand years have passed since the release of Bahaal, god of dark acts and brother of Onthyx (god of adventure). This sparked the God Wars, which ended the existence of a number of deities and left in their places the original gods of the Astral Sea, in order to bring balance to the chaos that was left in the wake of this battle of the immortals.

Bahaal was imprisoned once again, but at the cost of near universal destruction. The devastation lay apparent across the entire world of Onthyx. What was once a proud Targean Empire has been reduced primarily to scattered villages and towns, with rare exception. At this moment in Onthyx history, no one race has clear dominance.

Six continents exist: Chysarosst’s Breath, Lehnyathas, Targa, Veravask, Vold, and Nechednis. Although races have been scattered and no one race holds dominance, certain races can be found in greater abundance than others, depending on the continent.

Chysarosst’s Breath is primarily barren, save for a barbarian tribe of dwarves and an occasional village that springs up, merely to be deserted from the harsh weather of this northern continent.

Lehnyathas is still primarily a continent of elves, although over the past several hundred years, orc tribes have been making their way onto the emerald continent.

Targa is still dominated by humans (In fact, it is the only continent with a city-state; Blackhook. It is said that deals were made with Bahaal and the City of Iron escaped the devastation the rest of Onthyx endured. Tieflings, it is rumored, were the result.), but it is whispered that a pocket dimension populated by tieflings exists somewhere within one of the continents many forests.

Veravask is still the melting pot of Onthyx. During the God Wars, several things happened to Veravask. The Daartdanu Island Chain was pushed by a chain of tectonic plate shifting into Veravask’s eastern seaboard, wiping out many of Targa’s wealthier colonies. Xlarna was the only island within the chain that was spared. The other islands either became part of Veravask or they simply crumbled and sank into the ocean. The surviving halfling tribes of Offenhill have made Veravask their new home. p. No one is really sure what happened to the dwarven Continent of Vold. Those who have sailed near its rocky mass have said that every stone and iron door have been sealed and no signs of life appear to exist. Dwarf clans can be found on the continent of Veravask, but no dwarf talks about the final moments of the population of Vold. Some say the volcano that fueled their forges erupted. Others say they dug too deep within their mines and some terrible force- possibly a primordial- was awakened. Still others talk of an attack from a storm giant and fire giant alliance. No one knows for sure.

Nechednis is still home and prison to the god of dark acts, Bahaal. The new gods have made sure that nothing will allow his escape, ever again. Bahamut, himself, created the seals to this eternally dead and permanently scorched landscape.